In Development


The is a project in process. The idea is fun and simple and I hope you will enjoy it.

What is it? - It's a recreation of the footballer profiles that were published in Shoot! and reproduced elsewhere on this site.

How does it work? - Simple, fill in this form, you can use your real name and be honest with your answers or you can just have some fun and make it all up. As long as it's fun and not abusive alls fine. When submit the form a page will be created that looks like the old Focus On page form Shoot 1970s style.

Things to know - At the moment the system is still having it's final touches so the pages are not fully designed how we would like. Also you page will not go live immediately as I've set it to hold them so I can see them first, this is for security. I will get an email, I'll then take a quick check to make sure everything worked as it should. I'll then set the name of your page to the name given like this example -

error: Content is protected !!