Hold your horses!

Sorry to tell you that Football In Print is currently under redevelopment. The site hadn't been updated for over 4 years due to the owner - me - concentrating on his private life events - little things like moving house 100+ miles, having no income & battling blader cancer.

I could have kept the site live while I redeveloped a new site yes! but to be honest it was getting embarrising & due the fact the domain has been online for some ten years it's a decent target for hackers & just keeping up with that was a day to day job. So a fresh start is best & I'll add more content while I'm at it.

Contact me if you have any content you want to contribute. I would be interested in any football magazines - front covers, serises of articles, footballer profiles, team images, the older the better but all images must in in a high resolution at least 1000 pixals wide - Twitter

Alternativly if you want to donate to the rebuilding - Money used for hosting costs & any 3rd party services - here's my paypal donate button - Thanks for you support

My replica football shirt site remains open for visitors Take A Look

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