Shoot 19-12-1970

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 19-12-1970
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – It’s harder to bridge the gap between the first and second

General Articles – No Holiday for Rangers (players training), Is the city machine heading for a breakdown (2 pages), Gould strikes for Wolves, Scotish Season so far ( 5 players opinions 2 pages)
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – NA
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – West Brom v Leeds Jimmy Cumbes catches the ball
CENTRE PAGES – Chelsea Strikers At Work – Chelsea v C.S.K.A Cup Winners’ CupNottingham Forest player Ronnie Rees
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – 2nd Div All-stars (2 pages), Heart team, Penarol Uruquay player Roberto Matosas
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Sunderland player Ritchie Pitt
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – Alec Lindsay – Liverpool, Bert Head on Mal Blyth C Palace, Paul Edwards – Manchester United (2 pages), Denis Smith – I played for 3 weeks with a broken leg, Bill Glazier – Coventry, Martin Peters – Spurs
OTHERS – You Ask – Blackpool player Alan SuddickWhat – P