Shoot 25-7-1970

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 25-7-1970
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – Last season they started to hit the headlines – in 1970-71 they will become BIG stars

General Articles – Everton all time champions (2 pages), Inswingers, Scoring runs & stopping goals – Graham Cross Leicester, Fourth Division first 11, Managers who quit and struck soccer luck, World cup goals – who scored them and how
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – NA
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – Spurs v Everton
CENTRE PAGES – Promoted stars bid for new honours – Orient – Blackpool – Hudderfield – Luton (player from each)Manchester City player Alan Oakes
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – Coventry player Bill Glazier, Wolves players Frank Munro and Bernard Shaw, Nottingham F player Peter Cormack, Hibs player Johnny Graham
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Derby player Kevin Hector
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – Davie Hay – Celtic, shoot reporter’s diary
OTHERS – Pele – King of the football worldWhat – Letter G (4 pages)