Shoot 6-6-1970

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 6-6-1970
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – Mexico – It’s home from home.

General Articles – Special world cup features, World Cup Story Part 1 – England Flop (2 pages), Scots could help Mexico win the world cup, Keep your own world cup 1970 records,
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – NA
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – C Palace v Arsenal
CENTRE PAGES – Celtic team poster
BACK PAGE – Southport player Roger Aindow
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – The men who go to Mexico, Shoot select a team for 1st and 2nd divs (2 pages), 1970 World Cup Fighters – Czechoslovakian team,
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Liverpool player Bobby Graham
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – Dave Bowen – Northampton manager, Eddie Machin – Coventry, Six of Britain’s best talk about Englans’s World Cup test, Shoot reporter’s diary, Willie Waddel – Rangers manager (2 pages)
OTHERS – Spurs win youth FA Cup, Airdrie player Willie Wilson, Brighton player Howard WilkinsonYou ask – Tottenham player Alan Mullery, what – C continued (4 pages)