Shoot 6-9-1969

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 6-9-1969
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – Top Clubs, Beware – The Giant Killers Can Cut You Big Boys Down To Size.
General Articles – Francis Lee Finished With Football, The Cup No One Wanted To Win, Kidology ! Mangers, Aladdin’s Lamp Saved Huddersfield, Have The Welsh Lost Their Fire?, Eagle Swoop To Conquer Again
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – Stand-up figure of Bobby Moore
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – ?5,000 Transfer For Eusebio, Bobby Moore
CENTRE PAGES – Coventry Team Poster
BACK PAGE – Ipswich Player John O’Rourke
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – Bruce & Neil Rioch, Leeds Player Jack Charlton, Swansea Player Barrie Jones
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Wolves Player John Holsgrove
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – My Most Important Goal By Albion Player Jeff Astle
FULL PAGE BLACK AND WHITE IMAGES – Middlesbrough Player Willie Whigham