Shoot 7-11-1970

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 7-11-1970
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – It’s always great to come home with two away points

General Articles – How good is George Best ? (player opinions 2 pages), Great players don’t always make great managers (2 pages), The way to play (5 opinions 2 pages), Preview Scotland v Denmark,
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – NA
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – Everton player Colin Harvey with Blackpool player Graham Rowe
CENTRE PAGES – Arsenal Gunners Under Fire At Chelsea (one 2 page action image) posterOxford United player John Shuker
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – Midlands players (2 pages), Dundee Squad, Penarol Uruquay player Ladislao Mazurkiewicz
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Stoke player Denis Smith
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – Tommy Smith – Liverpool, David Nish – Leicester City, Joe McBride – Hibs, Liam O’Kane – Nottingham F, Dave Thomas – Burnley, Tony Currie – Sheffield United, Shoot reporter’s diary
OTHERS – Orient player Dennis Rofe in the air with Cardiff player Brian Clark, Deryby County player Less Green, what – N continued