Shoot 9-5-1970

Image of Shoot Football Magazine 9-5-1970
NOTES: Bobby Moore Column – LUCK – What every championship side needs

General Articles – European cup special – Celtic Feyenoord (2 pages), The third division welcome Aston Villa, Roger Clark world cup car rally, They are the champions – Everton (2 pages), Records of England v The World, First Class – players travel abroad
FREE GIFT IN THIS ISSUE (not included here) – NA
FRONT PAGE IMAGE – Crystal Palace player John Jackson
CENTRE PAGES – Power Play ! Action shots
BACK PAGE – St. Johnstone player Henry Hall
FULL PAGE COLOUR IMAGES – The Men for Mexico, Wolves player John Holdsgrove, Blackpool player Jimmy Armfield
REGULAR FEATURE FOCUS ON – Aberdeen player Derek McKay
INTERVIEWS / COMMENTS – Len Glover, Ian Ure, Jimmy Armfield, Shoot reporter’s diary, Bob McNab on Peter Marinello, Ron Yeats – The new liverpool
OTHERS – , You ask – Dunfermline player Dave McNicoll,